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Development Support 2 - Keywords Studios, Embedded at BioWare (Edmonton)

Nov 2020 - Sept 2023

Erin is responsible for ensuring the work pushed into the game is functional and not game-breaking.

This process is done by knowing the intentions put in place for each part of the game and understanding how to break it apart as multiple players would.

She also provides the team with qualitative feedback on all aspects of the games, which varies from how a player navigates, combat feel, narrative and anything that might become problematic for example.

When needed, Erin has also stepped in to cover Quality Designer work on the character art side, ensuring that certain tasks are still able to be completed when there are fewer hands available to complete them.

Creating presentations on topics that can help understand the process of things like localization and topics of diversity when it comes to video games.

Freelance - Self-Employed (Edmonton)

July 2015 - present

Providing illustrative and conceptual pieces that help convey the vision of characters and creatures not yet visualized or wanting further visualization. 


Edmonton Digital Arts College

Illustration and Sequential Arts - 2014-2015


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