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Will be done via Paypal, and I will send you an invoice through them as well. Payment will also be upfront, and will not be used until I know you are satisfied. When paying, please make sure that it is set to CAD. 


Will not be accepted once work is finished.

If I am unable to finish your work, I will refund you half or more depending on the progress.

  Exclusion: If you ever start to feel unhappy of the over-all direction of the work progress and wish to terminate work with me, I will also return you with half of what was paid.

Artistic Liberty

As the commissioner, you understand this is work agreement between you and the artist, where I agree to draw what is specified on the description, in my own style. You accept that any details not specified fall under my artistic liberty, and are not subject to refunds.

Mass Producing

As long as there is an agreement of cut in sales, it may be produced to be sold.if caught selling without permission, legal actions will be taken. If it is work advertisement, such as posters, there will be no need to pay more than the original commissioned.

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